Admission Process


For fresh admission to Nursery and K.G. Classes, the application form should be accompanied with birth certificate along with two passport size photograph of the pupil. Those seeking admission in class I & above should produce transfer certificate from the school last attended. The school will admit students from all recognizd schools on produce of T.C. and after passing the test.

  • 1. The school reserves the right to admission. Admission to class Nursery is granted on the basis of test, interview and availability of seats. The child to be admitted should have attained the age of 3 years on 1st April of the year in which admission is sought
  • 2. Admission to other classes is on merit and subject to availability of seats.

It is important to attach the following documents with the admission form.

  • 1.Transfer certificate & Character certificate duly countersigned by the competent authority.
  • 2. Attested copy of the qualifying examination passed.
  • 3. Two passport size Photograph of Student.
  • 4. Birth Certificate from Grampanchayat / Nagar Palika / CMO in Printed formet.
  • 5. "Family ID from Janpad or Nagar Palika in Printed formet, Aadhaar card, Bank passbook, "Jati & Niwash" certificates.

As you know that discipline is very important for students so the school maintains high standard of discipline. Any violation of school discipline, disregard to rules, misbehavior and using unfair means in examinations may warrant punishment, which the school may enforce as preventive measures.

  • 1.All the students should wear the prescribed uniform which should be neat and clean and well .
  • 2. No ornaments or any valuable articles are allowed in the school and the pupil should take care of their books and belongings.
  • 3.Parents / Guardians are not allowed to visit during school hours and if needed may request for permission from the principal.
  • 4. The student who remain absent for more than a fortnight without proper reasons may be struck off from rolls and will be readmitted only on the basis of medical certificate and payment of fresh admission fee.
  • 5. The students should be punctual in class, attend regularly and pay full attention to the teachers.
  • 6.Student should try to speak in English with teacher and other students in class room, avoid using bad and abusive language and learn to respect their teacher and co-students.
  • 7. Any indiscipline in the school premises shall not be tolerated and may be dealt with stern action which may even be dismissal from the school.